Bulgarian Association for neuromuscular diseases


About us

THE BULGARIAN NEUROMUSCULAR DISEASES ASSOCIATION – BNMDA is a mass, apolitical, independent, social and voluntary organization, called to answer the necessities of the people affected by neuromuscular diseases. It was established in 1991 by parents, who have silk children, sick people, supporters and doctors. It is a member of the European Alliance of Neuromuscular Disorders Associations – EAMDA.

The association is a legal entity with an ideal target, nationally showed, to the national council of the humans with disabilities to Minister's council, the activity of the association is to public benefit according to the Bulgarian law and realizes its activity in accord with the constitution, the Bulgarian law, and the ratified by our country convention for protecting the children’s rights and its rules.

The main tasks of BNMDA are:

to protect the right to a normal and sensible life 

to give moral, health and psychological help to sick children  and their families

to contribute to their successfully adapting to the society and to contribute to society’s adapting to them

to work for improving their living conditions

to assist in their treatment                     

The office of BNMDA is in Sofia, but BNMDA fulfils national programs.

The Association makes contacts and works on fulfilling joint projects with Bulgarian and International organizations.